Custom Personalized Jewelry for Creations as Unique as You!

keLet Sarah Buckles Larner create for you or your loved one a piece of jewelry that no one else in the world has!

Sarah specializes in custom personalized jewelry.  She’s been enamored with making jewelry since she was a girl and her parents would bring souvenir jewelry from their travels all over the world.  She studied art in college and uses the skills she learned there, including the broken arm technique of creating a cast for molten metal from a hand-carved wax mold, to create one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.

Is there a piece of jewelry in your imagination you’d love to have created for your special wedding day? A set of rings perhaps? Cufflinks or a pendant? Sarah can do them ALL!

Some of the work she’s best know for is her custom mountain jewelry that starts with your photograph or drawing or idea of a particular mountain.  She, from there, casts the metal into the shape of a ring, pendant, belt buckle…whatever you like! Sarah can utilize family heirloom jewels, elk tooth jewelry, or other precious gemstones.

8Are you getting married? Wouldn’t two custom-made wedding bands symbolize the unique relationship you and your partner have? Not just a plain, boring band here!

Sarah works with a rainbow of precious metals including platinum, 14 and 18 karat gold, white gold and silver to create custom personalized jewelry.  In fact, her signature look includes a two-toned braided “rope” look that looks incredible on western themed jewelry like belt buckles and pendants.

Sarah loves to brainstorm with clients to figure out how to best get their ideas into a wearable work of art! She uses years of experience and vast knowledge custom jewelry making techniques. Custom floral engraving is another beautiful technique Sarah uses to create unique custom personalized jewelry for her clients across the United States.

If you’re getting married, or just looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s as unique as the person wearing it, look no further! Sarah can make rings, cufflinks, pendants, money clips, elk tooth jewelry and more just to your taste!

Contact Sarah to figure out how best to get your ideas into a high-quality piece of custom personalized jewelry that is sure to become a treasured piece art.