Custom Mountain Jewelry: The West With You Always

Have you ever taken a special trip to a beautiful mountain setting?  Are you a mountain woman or mountain man at heart, but circumstances don’t allow you to live there?

What better way to carry the mountain with you than custom mountain jewelry!?

Jewelry designer and artist Sarah Buckles Larner can create custom jewelry depicting a particular mountain range or scene.  Inspired by the beauty all around her in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, she has made jewelry most of her life and still enjoys the act of creating art with her hands.

Sarah uses a traditional technique called the lost-wax method of creating custom mountain jewelry.  It all begins with inspiration from your photograph or drawing. Sarah then carves the mountain scene into a block of wax, then casts the picture into a plaster mold. The plaster mold is filled with melted precious metal and through a centrifuge process a custom pendant, belt buckle or ring is begun just for you!  Add embellishments of precious gem stones or

Did your fiancé propose after a sunrise hike to the top of Byer’s Peak? Does Mount Parnassus inspire you? Take it with you always with a ring, barrette or pendant from Silver Spur custom mountain jewelry.

Sarah works with gold, silver and platinum.  She can create a beautiful two-toned effect by combining both sterling silver and white gold with 14 or 18 karat yellow gold.  Mountain scenes can be embellished with precious gemstones – a citrine as the sun setting behind the mountain or a solitaire diamond representing the moon – a beautiful way to incorporate family heirloom gemstones into a modern piece of jewelry.

Custom mountain jewelry can be a unique and beautiful memento of your trip to the West.  On a ring or a pendant, the mountain looks beautiful, but also on cufflinks, belt buckles and money clips. What a great idea for a groom’s gift!

Custom orders are Sarah’s forte; she offers the highest quality in custom jewelry design.  Please contact her today if you’d like to get started creating your own little piece of the West.