Exquisite Western Jewelry Made Just For You

Having lived in Colorado for more than 30 years, Sarah Buckles-Larner uses the nature surrounding her as inspiration for her custom made western jewelry. The Elk teeth, the familiarity of a favorite mountain peak, or the starry night sky – all are common themes found in Sarah’s creations.

Each piece of fine western jewelry is created for the customer with extreme detail, crafted specifically for his/her liking. Whether you are interested in ordering an Elk tooth ring, an engagement story bracelet, or Colorado mountain cufflinks, Sarah’s high quality artistry and exquisite design will be given to each piece.

The Twisted Rope

When ordering a piece or set of western jewelry, you will typically find Sarah’s signature twisted rope embedded into the work as an added touch of western flair. When she is not designing and creating custom jewelry, our artist is riding and roping throughout the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is a heavy influence to her work. The twisted wire or rope signature brings a taste of the Wild West into the customer’s home. The rope can be seen along the band of a ring, the rim of a cufflink or belt buckle, or even along the surface of a custom made pendant.

Two-toned Western Jewelry

Designing jewelry with two-tones is another stunning characteristic found among Sarah Buckles-Larner’s western jewelry. Whether made with 14 karat yellow and white golds or 18 karat gold and sterling silver, each piece of jewelry is a reflection of the customer’s unique desires. Often customers will bring in favorite stones, such as a mother’s diamond earrings. Sarah will carefully restructure the heir loomed piece into a new piece of jewelry. Two-toned jewelry has been used in wedding bands, engagement rings, Elk tooth pendants, custom made mountain bracelets, and more.

Make it Personal

While there are a few of Sarah’s western jewelry pieces at local Steamboat Springs shops, she is most known for her custom work. All you need is your special story – how you became engaged on the top of Pike’s Peak, how your life was enhanced by your move from the beach to the mountains, or how you love the mountain that you look at every morning outside of your window while you drink your coffee – and perhaps a special stone or family jewel, and Sarah will bring your memory to life with her artistic creation of a bracelet, pair of cufflinks, or ring.

Shipped right to your door, you will be thrilled with your western jewelry from Silver Spur.