Story Rings for Your Wedding Day

Whether you have planned the big day completely – from the dress to the flowers to the first dance – or you are just beginning with wedding planners and bridal magazines, artist Sarah Buckles-Larner has the perfect custom made story rings for you. Story rings give you the opportunity to share your memorable moment with others, as a wedding band for yourself and your fiancé or as a gift for each bridesmaid or groomsman.

Based in Steamboat Springs, Sarah has spent over 30 years telling peoples’ stories through hand crafted, custom jewelry. One of the most popular forms of story rings is Sarah’s mountain jewelry, in which she takes a mountain range of your choice and carves it into a ring, pendant, belt buckle, or more. Each mountain ring or jewelry piece is hand crafted with special attention to delicate detail.

Once Upon a Time

Story rings begin with your story. Our artist will spend time doing research and compiling photographs of your mountain range or appropriate image(s). Once the drawing has been executed, Sarah will carefully carve the detail into wax.

Using the lost-wax method, Sarah casts the picture into plaster molding. The plaster is then filled with molten gold or silver through a centrifugal force, where it is evenly distributed. The next step in the process causes the wax to melt and leave a mold cavity in its place. Sarah spends large amounts of time with the detail of your story rings, assuring that each custom piece is of the highest quality and artistry.

A family heirloom, such as a diamond or ruby, will make a stunning addition to your story rings. Your grandmother’s engagement ring diamond can be set as the moon over the mountains, or your children’s birthstones can be set as stars over the skyline of your home town. Sarah has worked with many precious stones and gems in her pieces. If you do not have a jewel of your own, Sarah has resources to help you pick out the stone you want to make your custom story rings more special.

Another characteristic to Sarah’s jewelry designs is the use of two-tones of metals. She often works with 14 or 18 karat gold, white gold, and/or sterling silver. Two-toned jewelry has been used in wedding bands, engagement rings, as well as her other designs, such as Elk tooth pendants, mountain bracelets, and more.

Happily Ever After

Custom designed story rings, western jewelry, or contemporary designs made by artist Sarah Buckles-Larner are the perfect touch to personalizing your wedding day. Your story rings may even become heirlooms themselves.