Save Our Spurs Campaign

main street steamboat

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Steamboat Springs local Jo Sarafis recently launched a campaign to Save Our Spurs, which decorate our Steamboat main street during the winter. When the city of Steamboat took the spurs away, Jo took it upon herself to bring them back. From donations and contributions, Sarafis was able raise enough funds to purchase 22 light pole decorations for our recently named Historic Main Street Steamboat and donate them all to the City of Steamboat. The decorations will be installed, maintained and stored by the City of Steamboat in return for this donation. In addition, with the help of generous contributors–Main Street Steamboat and Sarah Buckles Larner of The Silver Spur–reserve funds will be held for the purchase of “Skylines” to be used across Lincoln Avenue. Any necessary repairs or replacements of the Spurs will also be funded by the reserve. Sarah has generously donated her labor for 25 numbered commemorative sterling silver spur pins and pendants, which Jo will present to those contributors who purchased one or more Spur light pole decorations. Pins or necklaces are available for purchase through The Silver Spur or Jo Sarafis. The pin retails for $130 and the necklace for $145 with chain included.

Jo Sarafis: 970.846.2053

The Silver Spur: 970.879.3880

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