Mountain Jewelry Tells Your Story

Let well known artist Sarah Buckles-Larner of Steamboat Springs, Colorado tell your story through her striking custom made mountain jewelry. For over 30 years, Sarah has created personalized jewelry, belt buckles, barrettes, and more for her customers. One of the most treasured and requested style of Sarah is that of her mountain jewelry.

Made with a western flair, mountain jewelry can be seen in the form of bracelet, earrings, pendants, and rings, and each piece is uniquely crafted to the customer’s story. Mountain jewelry is often two toned, made with sterling silver and either white or 14 or 18 karat gold. The two toned effect is elegantly powerful, giving further depth to the detail of the mountain scene.

How Mountain Jewelry is Made

It begins with the story – and the story is yours. Perhaps you purposed to your now wife of years at the base of Rabbit Ears Range in Colorado or you built your first home so that you could view Thunderbolt Peak in California, your memorable moment can be expressed through a fine piece of Sarah’s custom made mountain jewelry. Sarah will research and study several drawings and photographs of the mountain in your journey.

Once the detail of your specific mountain is perfectly carved into wax, our artist uses a special technique, called the Lost-wax method, to cast the picture into a plaster molding. Then molten gold or silver is centrifugally shot into the plaster, melting the wax and leaving a mold cavity.

Oftentimes, Sarah will add a customer’s family heirloom to the mountain jewelry, making the piece of jewelry even more personal and the story more complete. You may have a grandmother’s diamond that can represent the moon, or a ruby to signify the setting sun, or you may have a cluster of diamond accents that can be carefully placed above the mountain scene as stars in the night sky.

Belt Buckles and More for Men

Two-toned with a western flair, Sarah’s artistry represents the cowboy just as much as the cowgirl. Her mountain jewelry is not limited to that of a ring or pendant. Men proudly wear their favorite mountain scene on their belt buckle, money clip, or cuff links. As a birthday surprise, an anniversary memento, or specialized cuff links for each of your groomsman, mountain jewelry is the perfect choice for a gentleman’s gift.

Silver Spur in Steamboat Springs, Colorado offers the highest quality in custom made jewelry and design. Your mountain memory can be shipped directly to your door, so order today.