Elk Tooth Ring – A Unique Look

When you are looking for a distinctive way to showcase your trophy elk, an elk tooth ring is a stunning way to do it in style.  So you’ve never heard of elk tooth jewelry, or much less, an elk tooth ring?  For over 2 decades Sarah Buckles-Larner of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has created custom pieces such as an elk tooth ring, for customers who enjoy having jewelry that reflects their unique interests and Western lifestyle.  She not only makes rings but also belt buckles, cuff links, bracelets and pendants.  Virtually any type of fine jewelry that you can think of can be created using an elk tooth. See examples here >> Elk tooth jewelry

Sarah usually gets the teeth from her customers, but she also has sources such as local hunters and taxidermists who provide her with teeth.  First, the tooth is boiled and carefully cleaned to make sure that all of the “stuff” is off of it.  Then, it is buffed and polished on a wheel to smooth off any rough edges.  The ivory is softer than most stone, and therefore, it does not take long to get it ready for the setting that you have chosen.  Each elk tooth is different from any other and so each elk tooth ring will be unique.  The colors on a single elk tooth range from milky white to coffee bean brown.

After Sarah has prepared and polished the tooth that you have brought in, it is time to start the creative process.  Is the ring being made as a gift or is the customer in search of a new and unique way to show off their prize elk?  You can get these rings in either a man’s or woman’s style and it can be put in a setting of 14 or 18 karat yellow gold or white gold or sterling silver.  It can be embellished with Sarah’s signature rope design, a two-tone look or anything else you can imagine.  The choice is really up to you.