An Elk Tooth Pendant to Remember Your Trophy Elk

Looking for an unusual way to remember the first elk you took down?  An elk tooth pendant can be a unique and stunning way to do just that.  Or, you may have filled your walls with antlers and mounted elk heads, but you want to do something different this time-or maybe something that you can share with your wife or significant other.  An elk tooth pendant is just the thing.  Sarah Buckles-Larner of Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a jewelry artisan with 30 years of experience in creating custom pieces of many styles and she has created an elk tooth jewelry line.  The elk tooth pendant is just one of the many items she offers with a distinct Western flair.  See examples here >> Elk tooth jewelry

Where does Sarah get the teeth she uses in her jewelry?  Although most of the teeth come from customers, Sarah also has connections with local hunters and taxidermists to get teeth to make and elk tooth pendant if you don’t have your own.  The tooth is boiled and then carefully cleaned and then it is buffed and polished using a wheel to get off any remaining rough edges.  Ivory is not a single color.  When polished the cream, tan, brown, sandstone and even coffee brown colors of the ivory are enhanced.  Every tooth is different and so is every elk tooth pendant.

Once the stone is polished and ready to set, it is carefully placed in the setting of your choice.  You may have imagined that a hole is simply drilled through the tooth and it is strung on a leather string or a plain chain, but that would be far from the truth.  Sarah’s designs are anything but ordinary.  Although Sarah specializes in custom creations designed with the customer’s ideas in mind, Sarah has some “signature” motifs in her jewelry such as rope and two-tone settings.  Some customers choose to put an elk silhouette as part of the design. The chain can be anything from a gold or silver chain, to a string of small pearls.