Remember Your Hunt With Elk Tooth Jewelry

Well-known artist and Colorado resident Sarah Buckles Larner creates custom elk tooth jewelry using precious metals, stones and elk ivory.  Recently her work was worn by actor Jeff Bridges in the 2009 movie “Crazy Heart.

After traveling across the country or just across the state to hunt big-game, many successful hunters work with a taxidermist to mount the head or antlers of an elk.

For those hunters looking for a more unique and a more portable way of remembering the the thrill of the hunt they choose to create not a wall mount, but a custom piece of elk tooth jewelry.  Imagine walking into a business meeting with the unique memento of a successful hunt on your finger or on your belt. Imagine sharing the thrill of the successful hunt by bringing a special someone an elk tooth ring, pendant or pair of earrings.

The process begins with the elk tooth.  Hunters bring in elk teeth from a successful hunt, or Sarah obtains elk teeth from local hunters.  Sarah’s experience in working with elk tooth jewelry helps her find the perfect shape and color just right for the setting you have in mind.  Colors of the teeth range from shades of ivory, tan, sandstone and coffee.

Once selected, the elk’s tooth is buffed to perfection, polished and set. Some clients choose to add their brand or another stone to the setting to embellish the beauty of the piece.

Sarah’s experience with many jewelry making techniques combined with her creativity as an artist blend to create custom jewelry with initials, brands or with accents of turquoise. Elk tooth jewelry can range from belt buckles to earrings or cufflinks to money clips.

Sarah has been making jewelry in her studio in Colorado for nearly 40 years and still enjoys the thrill of creating art with her hands.  She will work with you to combine her expertise with your ideas and create a custom work of art that is destined to become a family heirloom.