Elk Tooth Ivory: Not Your Typical Gemstone

Sarah Buckles Larner, owner of The Silver Spur, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado has almost 40 years of experience creating custom jewelry using the mediums of precious metals and gemstones.  It was not until several years ago, after being approached by local outfitters coming back from big game hunts, she started working with elk tooth ivory.

Sarah creates wearable works of art.  Each piece is individually designed and created using her own hands, tools and techniques.  Every piece of jewelry she creates is much like the person that will ultimately wear it: unique.

And what better way to create something unique, than by using an uncommon and beautiful piece of ivory?  Sarah works with hunters and taxidermists to carefully select the most beautiful and appropriate shape and color elk’s tooth for the setting the client wishes to create.

Once the elk tooth is selected, the tooth undergoes a process of cleaning, fine polishing and buffing.  This brings out the rainbow of colors found in elk ivory.  From a creamy white to a muted beige to a coffee brown.

Having worked with elks tooth ivory jewelry for some time, Sarah understands which shapes and colors work best in which settings.  Sarah creates pendants, earrings, money clips, brooches and rings from the elk tooth ivory.

For many big game hunters, Sarah creates cufflinks and belt buckles as a subtle and daily reminder of their trophy from their hunt.  Imagine the feeling of wearing elk tooth ivory from your big game hunt on your belt into a board meeting, or the conversation-starter an elk tooth ring would be!

So, whether you are looking for a unique memento of your trip to the beautiful American West, or wanting a special way to remember your big game hunt, let Sarah create a custom piece of elk tooth ivory jewelry for you. And to fully customize your custom jewelry, Sarah can use other techniques in her repertoire such as floral engraving and her signature two-toned braided “rope” look to create a custom piece of jewelry that is sure to become a cherished gift for the even the most discerning jewelry lover.