Elk Ivory Tooth Jewelry for the Hunter in Your Life

Are you looking for a special gift for the hunter in your life? How about a unique, one of a kind piece of elk ivory jewelry? If you are imagining a string of teeth with holes drilled through them put on leather, you haven’t seen well-made elk tooth jewelry. Sarah Buckles Larner of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has a line of custom elk ivory jewelry with a Western flair that you won’t find anywhere else. Sarah has creativly made elk teeth into rings, pendants, belt buckles, cuff links, etc. with stunning results. The teeth are polished smooth until they look like natural stone.

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Preparing the elk ivory tooth for use in jewelry

If a customer brings in their own elk teeth, and they are not already cleaned, they are carefully boiled and cleaned to make them ready to polish. Then, a wheel is used to polish off all of the rough edges and to buff the elk ivory tooth to prepare it for setting. Sarah aquires elk teeth from some of her local connections, hunters and taxidermists. This area of Colorado is rich with wildlife and elk are abundant, therefore hunting season yields plenty of material for Sarah to work with.

Moving from the simple elk ivory tooth to a piece of custom jewelry

Once the elk ivory tooth is polished, you will be amazed at the color and highlights you can find. Each tooth is very different from the others although teeth from the same elk may be similar. Depending on the tooth, the shape, and the polish, the colors range from a milky white ivory color to dark chocolate brown. When the teeth are polished it may give you a better idea of the type of jewelry that you would like to have created. You can use a single tooth to create a ring, a pendant or a money clip while matched teeth can be put in a belt buckle, a silver and gold bracelet or cuff links. The jewelry can be engraved to commemorate a special event or occasion, or you can choose from the two tone or rope motif that Sarah is famous for. No matter what type of jewelry you choose, you can be assured that it is a one of a kind masterpiece.