Elk Ivory Jewelry Makes a Unique Reminder of the Thrill of the Hunt

Artist Sarah Buckles-Larner has been creating custom jewelry for nearly 40 years near her home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  She works with gold, silver and platinum, but one of the most unique raw materials she uses is elk ivory from the tooth of the elk. You may have seen actor Jeff Bridges wearing a sample of Sarah’s elk ivory jewelry in the 2009 movie “Crazy Heart.”

How did Sarah start making this type of jewelry?

Large herds of elk roam the White River and Routt National Forests in Colorado. Several years ago, Sarah was approached by outfitters leading big-game hunting expeditions through the Colorado wilderness.  She was interested in the idea of using her talents to make unique jewelry using elk ivory.  She now creates custom pieces for hunters from all over the United States and Canada.

What is the process for making elk tooth jewelry?

Sarah has a keen eye for selecting each piece of ivory for the best color and shape to create jewelry such as rings, earrings, cufflinks or belt buckles. Many hunters bring their own ivory to Sarah, or for the non-hunter, Sarah obtains elk teeth from taxidermists and local hunters.

Once the tooth is boiled and cleaned, it is buffed while any rough edges are polished out. The elk ivory is then set into a setting of the customer’s choice. Sarah has a unique set of jewelry making talents that allow her to create custom works of jewelry art specifically for each customer!

What kinds of custom jewelry or accessories can Sarah make?

Big game hunters from across the United States looking for a special way to remember the thrill of the hunt can work with Sarah to create jewelry using ivory from their trophy.  Sarah makes money clips, belt buckles, cufflinks and rings. Hunters can also share their prize with their someone special by creating custom pendants, rings, pins or earrings.  Some clients like to combine the elk ivory with turquoise or other stones for a more unique look.  See Elk Tooth Jewelry for the custom creations available.