Custom Belt Buckles Make The Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for the cowgirl or cowboy in your life? Look no further!

Let Sarah Buckles Larner create custom belt buckles for you and your loved one today.

Sarah has almost 40 years of experience creating custom personalized jewelry for her clients all over the country.  Sarah is the owner of The Silver Spur in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and draws inspiration from the things she loves about the American West including riding horses and the beauty of the mountains that surround her.

This inspiration, combined with her vast knowledge of jewelry making is just waiting for your ideas of how to create the perfect custom belt buckles for you and your loved one!

One of several techniques Sarah uses to make your custom belt buckle just what you’re looking for is something called the broken arm technique of making casts for metal.  She carves your brand or image into wax and then creates a cast that will have liquified metal poured into it to create one-of-a-kind imagery for your buckle.

One example of this technique many of her clients utilize is custom mountain jewelry design.  You give Sarah an image of a particular mountain or range and it ends up on your buckle!

Custom floral engraving is another way Sarah can add panache and a bit of flair to each of the custom belt buckles.  For example, put your initials or your brand onto the buckle with the engraving. Sarah’s signature look is a two-toned braided “rope” look that looks great on buckles.  Precious or semi-precious stones can be set into the buckles. Another unique option is elk tooth ivory from local hunters and taxidermists.

Do you have a family heirloom gemstone just sitting around and would like it put in a setting you can wear? Sarah can do that! She works with a rainbow of precious metals including platinum, 14 and 18 karat gold, white gold and silver to create custom personalized jewelry. Sarah’s has experience making matching custom belt buckles, barrettes and pendants.

See examples of of belt buckles Sarah has made for clients in the past.